real shell pendant handmade 925 Sterling silver limited edition

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  • real shells, one of a kind
  • handmade limited edition
  • length ca 30mm
  • woman pendant with jewelry box
  • 925 Sterling silver


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These special gems are produced in a complex procedure using real natural shells. Because each shell is unique and has its own structure and shape, you will get a one of a kind jewelry, which only you own and that is as unique as you are, following our motto „Nature is forever“.

The beautiful pendant is full 925 Sterling silver and will be shipped in a jewelry box, which is made out of recycable materials.

The pendant is shipped without chain, as many clients want to use their own chains or want to have a special chain in a special length. Please order your chain in the length that you wish, you will find it in the category chains.

Get your piece of nature in your home and wear you own one of a kind jewelry for any occasion.

Product M002DM2

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