Ana Morales

Nature is Forever
The Designer

Ana Sánchez

Already more than 10 years ago I started to deal with the topic of “real nature jewelry”. The idea came to me then, when I saw different flowers and leaves as table decorations for weddings and I wondered if this could also be implemented for pendants and earrings. 

Since then I have not only added the natural leaf collection, but also many different collections, from miniature flowers to agates. Initially, the products were sold in flash promotions at online shopping clubs such as Brands4friends, Fashionfriends etc … I have now decided to establish my own online shop and to offer you the products directly. Over the next months, we will integrate collection by collection in our shop and inform you about it .

Have fun shopping in our webshop! 

Since 2010

Everything started with the idea of ​​making jewelery out of real leaves. After many attempts, it finally succeeded in preparing a natural leaf so that it could be coated with various precious metals. But initially, the results were far from satisfactory. The structure of the leaves was too fragile and we had to think of something new to increase the stability of the leaves. 

This has finally been achieved by applying an additional layer of copper on the sheet, which, however, has to be calculated very precisely so that the small structures in the leaves can still be seen. 

After many optimizations and adjustments, we finally had an acceptable result, which we have refined and optimized over the years. 

Still, thousands of sheets are still needed to get a few perfect pieces of jewelry. First, tens of thousands of leaves are presorted. More than 75% are already eliminated in the first selection, as there are already too many defects in the natural leaf. After this first selection, the leaves are then dried and in some cases the cellulose is dissolved out of the fine network structures. In other models, the leaves are dried and flattened. 

Then it goes into a special solution that makes the leaves conductive and it is applied a first layer of copper. This is then staying until the leaves have sufficient stability. Then it goes directly into the final finishing with precious metals or colors. 

Depending on which model comes out of production, the leaves are sorted out in several selections. Again about 40-80% fall out of the final inspection. Only the few pieces that succeeded after that will be sold as jewelry. On top of that, with the earrings, we have to choose the right pairs because each leaf has a different length and shape. From 100 leaves of a variety you get out at most 20 pairs of matching earrings. So… you see, it’s not that easy. 

Over the years, we have included more collections, which also represent our theme “Nature is Forever”. We have added a collection of real miniature flowers, real small flowers and flowers in silver jewelry. This is real handcraft and every flower is unique. 

Other collections are “made with Crystals from Swarovski”, agate jewelry, silver sets, crystal jewelry and much more. These collections will be added one by one to the shop as well. 

Handmade with responsibility

Since many of my products are handmade, it is very important to me that the work for the production of the collections is done under socially equitable and fair conditions. As we produce from Mexico via Poland, Germany and Indonesia to different countries, I am often present myself and check the processes and the working conditions of the employees. 

In the case of the mini flower collection, everything is handmade, even the silver setting of the pieces of jewelery is hand-knotted. 

When it comes to natural leaves, every product is tested many times and goes through several quality processes, so that you get the most perfect product possible. Since every leaf is a true natural leaf, its shape and structure are always different. Especially when choosing matching pairs of leaves for earrings, we invest a lot of time and effort, so that they are as suitable as possible to each other.